African Proverbs & sayings (47 proverbs)

Sayings from Africa are famous for containing carrying some of the most important but usually hidden meanings. And African proverbs are used all over the world. On a fool’s facial…

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Afghan proverbs & idioms (53 proverbs)

Afghan proverbs are exceptionally insightful and, therefore, wise to use. I here describe such sayings related to Afghan nature. Enjoy the Afghan Proverbs. No rose is without thorns. FIVE FINGERS…

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Anonymous quotes images & word of wisdom

These Anonymous Quotes give you unique thoughts, experiences, philosophy about Life, and expertise from Anonymous people. Enjoy and explore these Anonymous Quotes, which are shown on this page. It's ok…

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Achievement quotes and Images for you

Every day, there're people around the world searching for a way for Achievement. What they're not aware of the thing that limits themselves to Achievement in their mentality. The few…

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